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Whether you have business insurance and are unsure it meets your needs, or you’ve reached a point when you need insurance for the first time, Mulberry Insurance Brokers can help you.


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How we can help you

Based in the south west of England, we take a personal approach to arranging business insurance for SMEs. Although every business is unique, similarities are often present. And this is where our 45 years of experience is invaluable. We won’t say we’ve seen it all, but we’ve seen enough to provide a reliable guiding light to everyone we work with.

About us

Find out how our inquisitive approach, experience and industry connections can help you get the cover you need – no matter what services your business provides.

Our process

Our proven process is designed to collect all the information relevant to your insurance needs and find the right cover for you.                                                                                          


We keep informed about the insurance market, so you don’t have to. On our blog we share the most important insurance and company news.                                                                 

Our Process

Our thorough approach ensures you get the correct insurance for your company, whatever your business activities. Throughout this process, and the rest of the year, we are on hand to answer your questions.

1. Fact Find

We’ll arrange a meeting (normally face-to-face) to get to know you, your business and what risk you are exposed to. We invest time in this stage, because it helps achieve the right cover for you.

2. Going to market

Using our knowledge and experience we’ll discuss your cover with insurance companies, describing the risk in plain English, to find the best policy for your circumstances.

3. Presenting your options

After we have reviewed your insurance proposals, we will present the best option(s) back to you (normally over the phone and via email).

4. Placing your cover

Once you have agreed upon the policy you wish to proceed with, we will manage all the paperwork to get the policy set up.

5. Annual review

We will contact you before your renewal date and arrange a meeting to discuss any changes to your business (or the insurance market) that may affect your cover. From here we will arrange your future cover.

Throughout this process, and the rest of the year, we are on hand to answer your questions.

What our clients say

“I was introduced to Keith through my financial adviser. Keith and I spent time putting the business activities into plain English to enable the insurers to understand what we do. This resulted in halving my insurance bill.

I have recommended Keith to a number of clients and he always provides significant reductions in insurance cost whilst retaining the cover.

As my business changes Keith always ensures my cover meets my growing needs. Nothing is a problem and the right insurance need never be a barrier.”

Dr Paul Murray

Managing Director, Catalysis Consulting

“Keith Johnson has been instrumental in the development of our museum and its ever-expanding collection, sourcing and providing us with the best affordable cover to meet our insurance needs and proving himself to be an indispensable source of guidance and advice over the years.”

Lee Mills

General Manager, The Helicopter Museum

“Mulberry Insurance Brokers reviewed my business insurance which I had previously purchased online. They advised that my self-selected policy barely provided any cover and in setting up new plan, not only got me the right cover, but remarkably also lowered my premium.

I highly value Mulberry as an insurance broker and adviser to my business on insurance matters. They are always proactive, and the customer service is exemplary.”

Huw Bendon,

Managing Director, On Point Copywriting

Latest News

We stay fully informed of the insurance industry, so our clients don’t have to. Here we share the most relevant stories as well as company news from time to time.

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